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Residential Services

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  • Hot Tub Pads
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Commercial Services

  • Flat Work
  • Curb and Gutters
  • Sidewalks
  • Dumpster Pads
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Our company, Marshall Asphalt & Concrete, provides top-notch professional commercial paving services that include expert concrete work at affordable prices.
Although asphalt provides many benefits and has many practical applications, there are certain situations where concrete is preferable because it can be installed with more precision.
Concrete can also provide a more cost-effective solution to certain infrastructure challenges.
Concrete is often used in areas where heavy traffic and loads require a building material that can withstand excess weight and/or frequent use periods.
This is one of the reasons why driveways are often constructed of concrete.
Likewise, dumpster pads are usually best served by concrete as they can withstand the weight created by the force of a garbage truck.


We are experienced and equipped to handle an array of concrete flatwork project including sidewalk installation and repairs, curbs and gutters, patios, driveways and ADA-compliant ramps. We can provide a variety of finishes, including broom finish, exposed aggregate, stamped, colored and decorative. Our crews are experienced with new construction, repairs or restoration, and projects that involve both.
Our concrete general manager has over 20 years of industry experience, and our crews have an abundance of experience not only in the industry, but working together as well.

Concrete Repairs

Like asphalt, the best way to protect the investment in your concrete is to be diligent about "preventative" maintenance such as crack filling, but once the concrete has started to crack, decay and move the perimeter of the affected area will have to be sawcut at the control joints to provide a clean, professional-looking edge and to provide maximum structural integrity. The old, broken concrete will be removed and disposed of. We then drill holes in existing concrete and install rebar to hold new concrete to old to prevent movement. The subgrade will be inspected and appropriate action will be taken (such as clipping tree roots, bringing new crushed rock, or providing new compaction). New cement will then be placed, trowled and finished. Tar seal is applied to the seams (of old adjacent to new) to prevent moisture penetration. As a general standard, concrete thickness of 4-inches is appropriate. Areas that have high traffic volume or very heavy trucks may require a greater thickness.
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